27 February 2011

Windows 7 hpe sharin hka ja lam

Windows 7 gaw Microsoft Windows Operating System a hpang jahtum na version re ai majaw, shi a shawng na version ni hte shingdaw yu ga nga yang, grau lawan nna grau mung lang loi, lang manu, ai operating system rai nga ai. Dai re ai majaw, Windows 7 hpe mari lang da nna, dai hpe atsawm sha hkau chyap, chye chyang, ai hku nna jai lang mayu ai rai yang, WINDOWS 7 TUTORIALS kaw e, sharin hka ja la yang mai nga ai.

Windows a lam hpe ningpawt ninghpang hku nna sharin hka ja la mayu ai hpu nau ni a matu, kaga tatut jai lang mai ai baw - ga shadawn, PC Maintenance, Windows Basics, Skins and Themes, Backup, etc. - lam ni hpe mung hka ja la mai ai shara rai nga ai.

Myit lawm ai hpu nau ni a matu Top-Windows-Tutorials.com.

25 February 2011

Num ni grau hpaji madang tsaw wa nga sai American mungdan

AMERICAN mungdan hta shayi num ni a hpaji chye chyang wa ai madang gaw, shadang la ni a madang hta grau law wa nga sai lam hpe ‘the US Census Bureay’ a jahpan hta mu lu nga ai. Master janmau, PhD janmau hte kaga kanbau bungli lam hpaji janmau ni hpe gup da lu sai hkawn-ram ni a jahpan gaw, tsalam shadang (9) rai nga ai rai tim, brang-ram ni a jahpan chyawm gaw tsalam shadang (6) sha naw rai nga ai lam hpe, dai Census Bureay gaw madi madun nga ai. Lam mi hku nna tsun ga nga yang, hpungjat hpaji janmau ni hpe gup da lu sai masha marai (10) hta na marai (6) grupyin ngu na gaw, shayi num ni re, ngu ai lachyam rai nga ai.

Maga mi de, numbat langai janmau (shing nrai B.A/B.Sc janmau) ni hpe gup da lu sai, asak (25) ning hte (29) ning lapran na shayi num ni hte shadang la ni a jahpan hta mung, num ni a jahpan gaw tsalam shadang (35) rai nga ai rai nna, la ni a jahpan chyawm gaw tsalam shadang (27) sha naw rai nga ai lam hpe mu ai. Ndai zawn, American la ni hta American num ni a hpaji madang grau tsaw wa nga ai lam gaw, ahkyak madung kanbau bungli lam ni rai nga ai hkamja lam, tara upadi lam hte kaga hpaji ningli lam ni hpe, lani mi na nhtoi hta num ni mahtang she ka-up madu da ai baw lam ni, byin wa shangun chye ai lam rai nga ai.

American mungdan de du sa wa ai kaga amyu bawsang ni a lapran hta chyawm gaw, Asha dan de na htawt du sa wa ai myusha ni hpaji grau lu shakut la nga ai lam hpe, dan dan leng leng mu lu nga ai. Jahpan hku nga yang, numbat langai janmau hpe gup da lu sai Asha rusai masha ni gaw tsalam shadang (53) rai nga ai rai nna, Spanish rusai n-re ai kaga shanhpraw masha ni a jahpan gaw tsalam shadang (33), shanchyang rusai masha ni gaw tsalam shadang (19) hte Spanish rusai masha ni gaw tsalam shadang (13) rai nga ma ai rai.-- AFP

23 February 2011

Tay Za rescue effort in progress

A rescue team has located Tay Za, a Burmese Tycoon with close ties to the military junta, whose helicopter went down on Fukanrazi Mountain in a remote area of Burma’s northern Kachin State on Monday. Rescuers are now trying to get him and his group off the ice-covered mountain but will not be able to reach them today, sources said.

The helicopter and its crew and passengers are stranded at an elevation of about 12,000 feet and the rescue team trying to reach them is at about 10,000 feet, a source said.

The MI 17 military helicopter previously assisting the operation was not able to fly high enough to reach Tay Za and his group. The tycoon's company has now hired a private helicopter based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which has landed in Mandalay for refueling and will join the rescue efforts later today, a source said.--Full story at The Irrawaddy

11 February 2011

Than Shwe Blamed for Monk Killings: Wikileaks

According to a recent dispatch by Wikileaks, two cables from the US embassy in Rangoon accuse Burma's junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe of ordering troops to crack down on Buddhist monks during the mass demonstrations in September 2007; and refusing to allow the army to respond to the Cyclone Nargis disaster.

The first cable, dated Nov. 28, 2007, and signed by former US ChargĂ© d'Affaires Shari Villarosa, was published in a leading Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, on Feb 4. In it, Villarosa attributed information to military sources who said: “Both Than Shwe and Maung Aye gave the orders to crackdown on the monks, including shooting them if necessary.”

The cable added that junta No.3 ex-Gen Shwe Mann, the new Lower House Speaker, disagreed with the decision, but carried it out, “quietly advising regional commanders to do so with minimal bloodshed.”--Full story at The Irrawaddy

05 February 2011

Politics in Myanmar: Forwarding or retrospecting?


Mr. Thein Sein’s (a former general and outgoing prime minister) appointment as Myanmar’s first civilian president after nearly five decades of military rule has led many critics to re-analyse the future of the country. Because it was almost the opposite of what the majority of the people have wished for. One think is for sure that the majority of the people of Myanmar are still wishing for major changes rather than changes in a person’s attires (i.e., from military into civilian).

In fact, they have had some bad memories about how the previous - general turned civilian - leaders have failed to govern the country effectively. In other words, it was during that era that the country has become one of the poorest countries in the world until now. So it is not wrong to say that the whole process is just a re-run of the policies that the previous military leaders have adopted since the 1962 coup de’tat.

But what can the majority of the people of Myanmar do? Sadly to say that there is no clear cut solution to that because they are helpless. What is more, neither the international communities nor regional communities have yet to make effective engagements in Myanmar’s so-called ‘road map to democracy’.

As for the ethnic groups in Myanmar, it was the then prime minister Mr. Thein Sein who was quoted as saying that the military government would firstly crash the entire Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in their effort to turn Myanmar into so-called ‘ethnic groups free nation-state'. In fact, the majority of Kachin people could not even have a chance to vote during the November 7, 2010 election. Indeed, it was a voting free election i.e., nobody could vote since there was no public election.--KBG

Myanmar picks junta insider as president

YANGON - Myanmar named a key retired general as president on Friday, as the military hierarchy retained its stranglehold on power in the country's new political system.

Mr Thein Sein, who shed his army uniform to contest controversial elections last year, received 408 votes out of a potential 659 from a committee of lawmakers.

The prime minister and former junta number four had been tipped for the post even before the vote, supporting fears that the regime has engineered the political process to hide military power behind a civilian facade.

A key ally of junta strongman Than Shwe, the 65-year-old became a civilian to contest the November election as head of the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), which claimed an overwhelming majority in the poll. One of the president's first jobs will be to appoint a government, and he can be confident of little resistance from a parliament controlled by the military and its cronies, analysts said.

Sources said he was likely to retain his position as prime minister in addition to his new role. A select committee on Friday chose the president from three candidates, all of them members of the USDP, as Myanmar's military, which has ruled the country for nearly half a century, continued its domination.

The two vice-presidents are Tin Aung Myint Oo, another retired top general and Than Shwe ally, and an ethnic Shan, Sai Mouk Kham.--The Straits Times