30 August 2010

Myanmar Election 2010: will the history repeat?

Since the announcement of the election date, i.e. 07 November 2010, it seems that the ruling junta in Myanmar has been trying its best (and with all costs) to win the election. We have seen wave after wave of military reshuffles in recent weeks, the biggest reshuffle in decades. As a result, more and more top military officials are retiring from their military posts, and preparing to contest in the upcoming general election.

That is why one can argue that the ruling junta is deploying its grand, and last available, strategy to keep holding onto the power since more and more junta’s men have just changed their colors from military into civilians, and will contest for most of the top available seats in the election. What is more, there is no doubt that the junta will hundred percent make sure its candidates to win the election.

But what would be the consequence of the election if the military-backed individuals or parties lost in the general election? In fact, the history in Myanmar has proven that winning election alone could not guarantee for ruling the country. In other words, the elected representatives could still end up behind the bars in the so-called Myanmar way to democracy.

Will the history in Myanmar repeat again in the post-election 2010 era is still remaining to be seen.--KBG

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