24 June 2011

Kachins in Malaysia held anti-war protest in Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR: More than four hundreds of Kachins in Malaysia, who are from Burma’s northern Kachin State, on Friday 24 June 2011 held a peaceful demonstration in front of the Burmese Embassy to condemn the Burmese government’s military offensive in Kachin State, Burma.

La Nan, one of the protest leaders, said they held a brief demonstration and submitted their demands in writing to an official from the embassy. They also made their demands public by reading both in Burmese and English.

“Our prime demands to the Burmese government are

(i) STOP military offensive in Kachin State immediately

(ii) STOP raping, torturing and killing innocent civilians immediately

(ii) FIND a peaceful political solution through a meaningful dialogue,”

said La Nan.

It is also learned that a similar protest against war in Kachin State will be held on the same day by Kachin people around the world. --KBG

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